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Small Business Restructure

In November 2021 the Government legislated a new simplified debt restructuring process – also known as small business restructuring (SBR) – to help small businesses to survive financial stress.

The process is designed to be faster, simpler, and cheaper than existing restructuring options. This allows a company to make a cents-in-the-dollar offer to repay its creditors within a 20-business-day period (this can be extended by 10 business days) while protecting the company from legal action and retaining control of the business.

Creditors then have 3 weeks to vote on the offer made. If the majority of creditors vote in favour of the offer, all unsecured creditors are bound by the offer regardless of how they voted. The fee paid for the process is fixed.


Saving Your Small Business

The goal is to save the business, this is done by firstly engaging a Small Business Restructuring Practitioner (SBRP) under Section 453A of the Corporations Act 2001. Only a person registered with ASIC as a ‘registered liquidator’ can act as a SBRP of a company. 

To be eligible to appoint an SBRP your company must:

Be incorporated under the Corporations Act;

Have total unsecured liabilities of under $1 million on the day the company enters the process;

The director (or any person who has been a director of the company within the 12 months immediately preceding the appointment of the SBRP) or company has not entered the SBR process in the last 7 years; 

To be eligible to submit a restructuring plan to creditors the company must:

Have paid all wages and superannuation contributions;

Lodged all outstanding tax returns with the ATO

Working with the SBRP to formulate a restructuring plan

Proposal period
The business owner works with the SBRP over a 20-business-day period to make a cents/$ offer to the company’s creditors providing information supporting the offer. This is called the proposal period and the offer is called the restructuring proposal statement. The offer to creditors can be over a maximum period of 3 years. During this proposal period, the director stays in control of the company’s day-to-day operations. 

Acceptance Period
Creditors have 15 business days to vote on the plan. If more than 50% of creditors by dollar value support the plan, it is approved and binds all unsecured creditors.

Plan Period
Post acceptance this is monitored by the SBRP up to a maximum of 3 years.


We have a 95%
success at achieving a 80% simplified debt reduction^

We have helped a number of Australian businesses restructure their business, so contact us for more information or to book an appointment.


Owner Business Consulting

Merv – Business Advisory

The SBRS team have been nothing short of amazing from day one! Given the last few years of global economic challenges we found ourselves in a very difficult financial position that we thought we wouldn’t be able to recover from, the team supported us through our options and guided us on how we could provide a solution to the government to enable our business to continue. Without their hard work and diligence we don’t think we could’ve survived – they were literally a lifeline to our business. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Owner Festival Organiser

Festival organiser restructure

It’s no secret that the live music industry and the hospitality sector was highly impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic. The debt compounded and all our pleas to government fell on deaf ears. Along came the SBRS team to the rescue! They instantly gave my business solutions and spoke to the government on my behalf to help us manage debt and not become insolvent. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough for their strength and support during such challenging times.

Mark P.

Owner QLD Builder

Mark P. QLD Builder

Our QBCC credentials were up for renewal, and as part of that we needed to show solvency which we couldn’t do due to the amount of tax debt we were carrying and the ATO payment plan. Brad and the team looked at our situation and were confident they could negotiate a debt reduction and payment plan that would meet the QBCC criteria. We now have less debt, QBCC certificate and I personally have time to spend on bringing in new business.

Jane A.

Owner Coffee shop

Jane A. Coffee shop

I was out of options after all the COVID support stopped, and we were weeks if not days from shutting the doors for good, when a customer mentioned restructuring and gave me Thomas’s number. It was literally a gamechanger and lifeline for us, and the team at SBRS were so supportive, understanding and you could tell they just wanted to help.

James B.

Owner Roof plumber

James B. Roof plumber

Thomas, Brad and the whole team at SBRS were amazing throughout the whole process. From the first phone call I just felt the weight on my shoulders just seemed to get lighter by the day, and 3 weeks in they were doing their thing and left me to get on with running the business. Hands down the best business decision I’ve made in a long time was making that first phone call to them.


Corporations Act legislated business restructuring in just 7 weeks

Small Business Restructuring offers you the ability to stay in control of your customers, staff, bank accounts, and day-to-day operations while working with a restructuring practitioner to make an offer to repay debt at cents-in-the-dollar. 

The restructure is primarily carried out behind the scenes with minimal impact on the daily activity of the business and owner.

Start The Restructuring Process

If approved by creditors, the restructuring plan involves a reduction in debt to help you get back on your feet in just 7 weeks.

Cash Flow

A restructure can help improve your business’s cashflow by restructuring your debt with your creditors including the ATO.

Payment Plan

Once the restructuring plan has been agreed and accepted, the repayments can be made monthly – up to a maximum of 3 years – while the business can carry on trading.


Government legislated business restructuring in just 7 weeks

Small Business Restructuring offers the least invasive solution to insolvency for Australian businesses. During the process directors retain full control of the business, including all bank accounts, payroll, operations and administration.

The restructure is primarily carried out behind the scenes with minimal impact on the daily activity of the business and owner.

Start The Restructuring Process

The restructuring plan involves a reduction in debt and other measures to help you get back on your feet in just 7 weeks.

Cash Flow

We can improve your cashflow by restructuring your Debt through negotiation with your creditors including the ATO

Payment Plan

Once the restructuring plan has been agreed and accepted. Debt can be managed and the business can carry on trading.

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Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. ^All figures and averages are based off SBR Specialists actual totals and are correct at time of distribution.